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Take a look at some of the results we’ve gotten with just three of our personal care and beauty influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Amy Roiland in bunny ears for eos spring pack influencer campaign


  • One Spring campaign we ran for eos is a great example of big results on a small budget. We enlisted 42 influencers. They created 26 blog posts, 79 IG posts, 18 (value-added) FB posts, and 199 Pins!
  • For the eos Shave campaign, we worked with larger macro-influencers who created stunning video content that was then reused within their ads. We got a huge amount of views and engagement on all of their campaigns and the content was super diverse.
Woman holding up mascara for KISS influencer campaign


  • We got 1,493,630 ORGANIC video views! (Is there a taking-a-bow emoji we can use here?)
  • The video content performed extremely well on whitelisting with 23 million impressions and 2 million engagements – that’s in addition to nearly 500,000 organic views!
  • One of the TikTok videos even went viral, and generated 649,000 views on its own.
Baby taking a bath in kitchen sink for The Honest Company influencer campaign

The Honest Company

  • You’re looking at the pic above, right? 🤗 Well, that face is one of the reasons this campaign raked in the engagements, at a rate of 6 times above what we promised. (That faaace!!)
  • In-feed Instagram posts alone generated an average engagement rate of 4.32%.
  • Annnnd the content from one of the moms working on this campaign was reposted to Jessica Alba’s Instagram Story – how cool is that?!
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