Proofreading : How to do Influencer Approval Reports

Each campaign comes equipped with one Influencer Approval Form. This help doc will walk through :

  1. How to enable your Influencer Approval Form.
  2. How to setup your first Influencer Approval Form at the beginning of your campaign.
  3. How to utilize your Influencer Approval Form for more rounds of approval. 

Enabling Your Influencer Approval Form

To get started with your Influencer Approval Form you need to first enable this feature within your campaign setup.

This must be done BEFORE you begin Outreach. It's the very first thing you should do after setting up your campaign.

(Most of our clients prefer to get the approval before beginning outreach, however we have had requests to allow the outreach to happen first, then sending the Approval Form containing influencers who have expressed interest in the campaign. This feature will be available shortly. And this doc will be updated at that time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.)

Once your campaign is setup, then it's time to Load Influencers into your Approval Form. You will do this in the first tab in your campaign pipeline.

From this screen, you will select as many Tag Collections and/or Post Collections as you'd like to include in the report. (You will have the opportunity to clean up your list after it has been imported.)

If you're unsure about how to create your Tag Collection or Post Collection, please refer to this help doc. Collections are not associated with any particular campaign. And you can use them in as many campaigns as you'd like.

When importing, we will not import duplicates, so you don't have to worry about your Collections containing the same influencer more than once.

To select a collection, simply check the checkbox.

When you've selected all of the Collections you wish to include, click the Load Influencers button at the bottom of the page.

After Loading, Now You Can Review Your List

As soon as you click the "Load These Influencers" button, you will then be redirected to the Influencer Approval Page. This page will allow you to review and refine your set of influencers before sending to your client.

Underneath the colorful campaign tabs, you'll see tabs pertaining to your Influencer Approval Form. 

At the beginning of a campaign (before you've sent the Approval Form) you will see the total number of Loaded Influencers within the PENDING tab. There will not be any influencers in the YES tab or the NO tab, because you have not sent the form to your client yet.

From here, you can review the influencer's social stats as well as remove anyone who you don't want to send over to your client.

Once you have your set finalized, you can also preview the Approval Form (just so that you have an idea of what your client will be seeing). The preview button is at the top of the screen, next to the campaign title.

This Preview will open in another Tab. The only difference between this page and the page your client will see is your Preview page will contain a Green notification bar (letting you know that you're in Preview). Additionally, you won't be able to make edits to this page while in Preview mode.

As soon as you're satisfied with the way your report looks, simply close out of this page. And click the Submit to Client.

When you click Submit, you will see an email popup, allowing you to personalize the email that you're sending to your client, as well as fill in their name and email address. (They will not need to login to our site. This page will be live and accessible through the link in the email being sent.) NOTE : the email contains some brief instructions, it's probably best to leave those in the email so that your client does not have any questions.

After Sending Your Approval Form

After your Approval Form has been sent, your client receives an email. They will follow the link in the email over to their Influencer Approval Form. From there, they will simply select YES or NO for each influencer and then resubmit the form back to you. 

At that point you will receive an email from us.

Once the form is submitted, you will be able to see their selections within your influencer approval Tab. If they went through your entire list, you will no longer have PENDING influencers. You will now see tabs containing all YES's and all NO's. 

You can always refer to your Approval Tab to see their final selections, but at this point, you won't need to use this tab (unless you decide to send another round of influencers to your client later on in the campaign.)

From here, the Approved influencers will flow automatically into your Outreach tab, where you can now begin outreach.

Sending Additional Sets to Your Client for Approval

This Influencer Approval Form is live throughout duration of the campaign... and you can use it as many times as you want. Typically, you'll send over a big set of influencers to your client to kickstart the campaign. And as you begin getting responses back, you might realize that you need to send over more sets of influencers.

To do this, you will be following the exact process described above.

  1. You will first make sure you have the new set of influencers inside of a Collection. (We usually recommend making a new Collection for each set of influencers that you wish to load in order to keep yourself organized, but it won't affect anything if you choose to add them to your original Collection.
  2. Once your Collection is ready, you can Load your Influencers.
  3. Then Add them to your Approval Form.
  4. Then Send to your client.

The thing to note with your Approval Form is that it's ONE form that you will use throughout the duration of the campaign. 

When you load more influencers into your Approval Form and send to the brand, they will be able to view their past choices as well as the new ones you've selected for them.

The end! 

If you need any extra help, don't hesitate to get in touch with your account manager. :)