10 Do's + Don'ts for Creating Outfit Posts Like a Pro

As a style blogger, high quality outfit posts are the key to your success. They keep your readers coming back for more, which in turn creates demand from all the great brands you are dying to work with. Not all outfit posts are created equal though. Below, find our list of top ten do’s and don’ts for creating outfit posts like a pro. 

Photo by   StreetScout.me

Photo by StreetScout.me

DO use a professional camera. In a sea of professional style bloggers, there’s no place for iPhone photos (unless your are publishing them on Instagram).  The Canon T3i is a perfect starter camera but still takes fantastic shots. Go with a 50mm lens for outdoor portraiture and you are set. If it’s sunny, try backlighting; if it’s cloudy, try direct light. Great lighting is absolutely essential for creating magical photos! No exceptions.

DO have a go-to photographer that is willing to work with you regularly. And we mean, REGULARLY!  Oftentimes, this person may end up being your significant other or blogger bestie. It’s always great when a professional photographer wants to shoot with you regularly but the upside to working with someone you’re close with is that they are there at a moments notice when you need that #OOTD snapped!  

DO shoot your photos in raw and retouch them either in Lightroom or Photoshop. Now, we don’t suggest you use Photoshop to hack yourself into someone unrecognizable! Edit your photos to bring out colours, change the exposure and highlights, and decrease the shadows. Photo editing is oftentimes where the magic happens.

DON’T publish too many versions of almost-identical photos. Have a shot list ready to go and post one or two of your favourite full length, ¾, chest up, and detail shots. 

Photo by   StreetScout.me

Photo by StreetScout.me

DO publish at least three outfit posts per week if you want to create a loyal following and engaged audience. To ensure you meet this high volume, shoot in bulk when you meet up with your photographer. Do several outfit changes instead of shooting on many different occasions. It will save both you and your photographer a lot of time! Just remember to use different backdrops.

DON’T publish your photos in the wrong season. If you post summer photos in fall, your backdrop and outfit will be outdated and that doesn't leave a positive impression. To that point, only shoot your outfits in bulk if you have the ability to post regularly. 

DON’T publish your blog posts at the end of the day. Stick with an editorial calendar and schedule your posts for the early morning, keeping in mind the time zone/s of your audience. This will give your readers something fresh to read when they visit your website first thing in the morning. It also allows you to get the most out of your social media sharing. 

DON’T use the same backdrop for all your outfit posts. Get out there and experiment with new locations in your city. Try wide-open streets, scenic views, and beautiful neighbourhoods. 

Photo by   StreetScout.me

Photo by StreetScout.me

DO create cohesion across your outfit posts. Find a ‘formula’ that works for you, such as head to toe outfit details, photo cred, affiliate links, and a paragraph or two on the outfit or something your readers can relate to. Once you find the pattern that works for you, stick to it. Having a formula not only creates cohesion, it also makes it easier to publish new outfits in a snap.  

DO review your analytics regularly to see what outfits and blog posts are resonating most with your readers. Always give your readers more of what they like! 

Now, over to you. What are your top do’s and don’ts for outfit posts? Let us know in the comments.