Our Top 10 Instagram App Picks

Since its launch in October of 2010 Instagram has grown to be one of the world’s favorite social media platforms. An innovative way to share your life’s dearest moments, prized accomplishments, and tasty cupcakes, many apps have been created to give your Instagram account a little extra sparkle. From extraordinary crop jobs, picture slideshows, multi-media collages, to video effects the possibilities are endless! Here is a run-down of 10 of our favorite Instagram apps which are bound to give your pictures and videos a little extra oomph!

1. AfterLight can help you achieve some pretty groovy effects. Not only does it have 66 interesting textures (ranging from natural light leaks to grainy film effects), it also boasts 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 15 unique cropping & transforming tools, and 128 adjustable frames. From using their double exposure tool to applying a mask to shape your picture into a circle, woman’s silhouette, or the letter “J” AfterLight has got you covered!

2. TinyWorld can help you create a “tiny world” (imagine that) out of literally anything. This unusual photo warping effect gives the illusion that your ordinary picture is its own miniature planet.

3. InstaCollage is the easiest way to piece together various photographs for a content rich insta picture. Choose from pre-made templates, frames, and effects to give your instagram photo some added customization. Don’t forget to stick on stickers if you are feeling extra sassy!

4. VSCO Cam, a hipster favorite, not only contains some beautiful minimalist filters, it also acts as a publishing platform for you to showcase your photography, discover, and follow fellow creatives from all around the world. View artist profiles and a highly curated group of images online in the VSCO Journal to truly explore all that the app has to offer.

slow-shutter-cam-1-7-icn copy.png

5. Slow Shutter Cam: No need to spring for a fancy schmancy DSLR camera with this snazzy app around. Slow Shutter Cam helps you capture slow shutter speeds to create breathtaking motion blurs, light trails, and freeze controls.

6. Overgram: Adding text to your picture is a snap with this app! Overgram is a neat way to emphasize important messages on Insta without relying on a caption. With tons of design forward fonts available you will never run the risk of looking like a total cheeseball.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.16.22 AM.png

7. TimerCam: Not a fan of the #selfie generation? No worries, TimerCam to the rescue! This app allows you to take photos on your iphone with a timer up to 30 seconds. Simply set your iphone on a tripod or any surface for that matter, set, and go!

8. Superimpose: Craving a Photoshop equivalent for your iPhone? Superimpose, while not the exact same thing, does offer a lot of rad tools which look quite similar. Blend photographs together, remove background layers, slap on an artsy filter, and you’ve got yourself an image that could easily pass as a Photoshop creation.

9. Facetune: Taken the perfect picture but an unsightly blemish in the middle of your forehead is ruining your Instagram worthy moment? Facetune to the rescue! With Facetune you can kiss eye bags, acne, and any other unwanted imperfections away.

10.DXP Free: Double exposure can create some beautiful, dreamy effects a la professional catalog images. This is an easy way to combine multiple pictures to create your own mystical fantasy snap.