The Recipe for Creating Powerful Content

The favicon has been made, the header created, the platform picked, and the plugins plugged. Now comes the hard part, rolling up your sleeves to create some mind-blowing, riveting, “whaa, I can’t stop reading,” content. To fashion, how do you say….”article crack” there are a couple ways to ensure a happy and addicted reader.  

Here we go:

1. First things first, discover your blogging passion. As they (whoever they are) say, the best writers write what they know. Don’t write about the best ways to prepare exotic meats if you are a vegan, veggie loving chef. You will run out of things to say and in the long run your blog won’t be very successful because readers want to read from people who live, breath, and poop whatever niche they are playing in.

2. Secondly, time to do a little detective work. Once you have narrowed in on your one true blogging calling, you can surf the web to see all of the blogs in your space who have already figured it out. Use Technorati to filter quickly. Search posts that have a high social media following and list the titles on a spreadsheet.

3. From here you can see what blog posts seem to resonate with you and you can tweak the titles slightly to give you something to write about. This way you will constantly be writing about things people are already having a frenzy about on social media.

4. Outline your post before you start putting ink on paper. In your outline be sure to hit the main points you want to tackle in your intro, body, and conclusion. Feel free to sprinkle in facts to add some legitimacy to your argument.

5. Now comes the fun part, actually writing the article. When writing, try to keep your sentences snappy. No one likes to get wrapped up in an annoying run-on. It’s not fun. People are busy these days and do not have time for that nonsense.


6. CHECK YOUR SPELLING. This sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many blog posts are posted without any consideration to the English language. Make sure your grammar is on point. You don’t want to appear as though you are a nimrod.

7. Use your personality! Make sure your blog posts have a clear voice. If you’re a sassy lass, let that sassy lass diva shine bright. If you are a negative Ned, use that to power your writing. Readers want to read articles that have some pizazz, don’t let them down.

8.  Provide a solution. What are your readers struggling with? Identify their point of concern and give them answers. Be their savior, their confidant, and number one go to Yoda.

9. Have rapper like flow. When writing, make sure there is movement to your post. You want it to flow nicely like a Biggie Smalls verse, or the gentle waves of the Mississippi River.

10. Talk to your audience. Make sure you address them directly. It makes your blog more personal and easier for your audience to relate to you and ultimately want to listen to you.

With these tips you will be on the road to pumping out snazzy, relevant, content efficiently. At first, it may be hard to get the engine going but once you grease your wheels it should only take you a couple hours to come up with a publish worthy post.