How To Install a Widget

What is a widget? A tiny gnome that can be found traveling the Grand Canyon in search of wild berries? A pack of silver-haired mermaids who swim the depths of the Atlantic Ocean? The weird blisters you can get on the back of your feet from excessive canvas rubbing? A widget is really just a schmancy word for an application or tool that can be added to your blog. The amount of widgets available is crazy! There are literally widgets for everything…. except teleportation. Popular choices are email subscribe forms, social media buttons, related content plugins, amongst others.

Now, to be clear this is a tutorial on how to add a widget on Blogger. We will add tutorials for other platforms very soon. That being said, adding widgets on any platform is generally super easy! In fact, this instruction manual is probably the shortest manual to ever have existed.

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How to install a widget:

1.     This is a no-brainer. Log in to your Blogger account.  Duh!

2.     Look at your blogger dashboard

3.     Click “design link.” This will redirect you to the layout page.

4.     Click “Page elements”

5.     Click “ Gadget.”

6.     You can search through tons of different gadgets. Really the world is your oyster. As mentioned above there are literally gadgets for EVERYTHING!

7.      Once you find a widget that strikes your fancy add it by clicking the blue plus sign symbol. You can drag your widget to wherever you desire, once on the layout screen.

8.     If you are trying to get extra fancy and want to use custom code you can totally do that too. But be warned, no one likes a showoff! To accomplish this you need a HTML and JavaScript widget. You can use this blank widget to add any custom bells and whistles to your blog.

Well, that was easy wasn’t it! While we know you are disappointed widgets are not some type of mythical creature or skin deficiency, we hope you are excited about the prospects of using these cool little tools to help amp up your blog!