Company Blogs Your Brand Could Learn From

Starting a company blog takes a little finesse. Many times they go neglected. Or worse, the content is so rough no one dare read it. They literally can be the worst things ever to have existed. Next to chia pets. Really, those are just downright silly.

In this post we thought we would explore some companies that have got it right and what secret sauce they have been using to make their company blogs considerably better than chia pets. And here we go:

1. Marriott International:

The Marriott International is without question one of the most popular blogs on the block. What gives this hospitality blog some extra kick? The entire shebang is written by Bill Marriott himself. Bill’s posts are exceptionally honest. He blogs about his life, the passing of his son, his heart attacks, hotel industry tips, and current events. He is authentic. He is the real deal. He has created a golden blog.

2. Southwest Airlines:

Southwest airlines has got it goin on. Not only did they rip a page from Bill’s handbook about being honest, they also use their blogs as a way to build a connection with their employees. Their blog is essentially the badass of all corporate blogging loading up on off-beat content, interesting travel stories, and letting boring, corporate press releases take a back seat.

3. Instagram:

When is diversity ever a bad thing? Answer, absolutely never! By engaging with various types of current events, cultural festivities, amongst other newsworthy affairs, Instagram has been able to create a popular blog by casting a net over a wider audience. The lesson learned here? Engagement, engagement, engagement! Need we repeat it one more time? Okay, you pulled our leg. ENGAGEMENT! Instagram encourages followers to use specific hashtags to enter contests to generate content that may or may not be featured on their blog. How cool is that? This way, they have created a space where their followers are literally doing the work for them! Talk about smart-y-pants!

4. Whole Foods:

Whole Foods is killing it on multiple social media platforms, and their blog is definitely no exception to that rule (on a side-note, have you checked out their Pinterest...WE DIE, it’s amazing. Look at it. NOW). Whole Foods generates content with tips, recipes, the latest products, and store news. Hold the phone, let’s be real for one second. Who doesn’t love staring at pictures of delicious food?! Whole Foods made an easy job superior with a strong, quirky company voice and new product announcements we never tire of.

5. Zappos: 

Zappos is an interesting case because they have created a blog that not only appeals to their customers, but is primarily geared towards other businesses. A B2B blog, who woulda thunk it?! They often post internal company emails, memos, and examples of their awesome office culture. This creates complete transparency between themselves and their customers and other businesses. With transparency comes a blatant honesty which keeps readers coming back for more. Not only that, all of their content is fed directly from the COO and CEO themselves, having posts come from higher-ups generates legitimacy. In other words, Zappos is TOO LEGIT TO QUIT! See what we did there?

6. Facebook:

It is no wonder Facebook has a killer blog, I mean commaaan’ it’s Facebook for gosh sake. Their blog is obviously tailored towards their users, revealing new feature updates and company news. Facebook has essentially created a free for all space. While the high-up executives are blogging, so does, well, basically everyone (including interns)! By having multiple employees contribute, FB has been able to have a blog which is diverse  i.e. higher engagement for users.

While these are just a couple of examples of “baller” corporate blogs, there seems to be a common thread, which all successful company blogs encompass. Honesty. Readers return to blogs where there is a sense of genuine character. With this in mind, remember to be transparent and real when you start on your corporate blogging quest. No one likes a poser!