How to Use Affiliate Links

Ready to cash in some checks? Starting to use affiliate links may be a good start.  But, firstly what are these affiliate links we speak of?! An affiliate link is a URL that contains an affiliate’s ID or username. Advertisers use these URLs to track any type of traffic or action that is sent by the affiliate. When using affiliate links you are essentially being treated like a publisher and getting rewarded for any business you may strike up for a company. These commissions can either be a set price based on your conversion rate or it can be a percentage of a sale. Code is embedded into your affiliate links so that advertisers can track conversions. Another sweet part of this already pretty sweet deal, 30 day cookies are usually involved! Which means if a customer didn’t purchase a product right away, but chooses to do so 29 days later you will still walk away with a commission.


Wondering where you can sign up to be an affiliate. There are plenty of ways to get the affiliate party started! You can sign up on a variety of sites like, Commission Junction, SkimLinks, eBay enterprise, or Linkshare. You usually can sign up directly at a brand’s site, from which you will get redirected to whatever affiliate site they use. Read more information on the differences between these different affiliate fashion networks here,  to pick the right one for you. 

There are a couple things you’ll need for signups. Remember to pack your social security number, description of your blog, your blog’s name/url, how many unique views you have, a description of your blog, and your customer demographics. When shopping for companies who have products that you love remember to keep it relevant, i.e, if you blog about baby clothes, travel, or high fashion use the appropriate products.

Ready, set, go! You’ve got all the info you need to get started.