The Seven Types of Blogger Campaigns

Just like there are 7 cosmic stages, 7 pillars of wisdom, 7 colors in the rainbow, and 7 daughters of the Egyptian god, Ra, there are 7 principal kinds of blogger campaigns. Each type of campaign has it’s own set of pros and cons. What’s important is to be able to distinguish what your ultimate goal is in order to pick the right campaign for you.  Here, we give you the SparkNotes edition of our 7 blogger campaign ideas!

NUMBER 1 : Gift your Duds to your Favorite Blogger


This is one of the most popular campaigns and undoubtedly boasts the best bang for your buck. Getting a blogger, who aligns with your brand's aesthetic, to wear your goods is an amazing way for readers to see your products in context of “the every day.” As an added bonus, blogger’s usually wear sponsored clothes and accessories more than once, especially if they LOVE it. Which means, you could potentially get more impressions than the cost of one sponsored post.


NUMBER 2 : A Good Ole Fashioned Product Review

While this is a favored choice for makeup and beauty brands, product reviews can be utilized by many different verticals. What is important to note here, is that bloggers need to make sure it is 100% crystal clear to their readers that they have a partnership with your brand. Bloggers have high conversion rates because their readers trust them. An honest review can do wonders. On the flip side, a negative review could be very destructive. A word of caution, do NOT send out your products without contacting bloggers first and agreeing on specifics.  If you do not contact them, you run the risk of not getting any coverage at all...bummer!



Who doesn’t like free stuff? Answer: absolutely no one! To sponsor a giveaway, simply contact a blogger and agree on what type of goodies you want to giveaway on their blog. Bloggers might charge you a certain amount of money for the post PLUS the cost of the Giveaway. Remember to factor that in when you are budgeting out costs! Giveaways are often loose-ended because you ultimately want the winner to pick their special something. Popular choices for giveaways are giftcards, or a new item you are trying to promote i.e. pick a dress from our Summer 2014 collection. Readers will need to accomplish specific tasks in order to enter. Choose tasks which will help you reach your goals. Are you looking for more newsletter signups? Get users to sign up for your Giveaway to enter. In search of a larger social media following? Ask an entrant to hashtag with your brand specific hashtag or follow you on Facebook. Whatever it is, define your goal clearly and make it part of your giveaway process.


NUMBER 4 : Group Giveaways

What is better than one giveaway? A group giveaway, duh! Group giveaways involve having 10-20 bloggers post a sponsored giveaway on the same day. All entries are entered into the same contest, a la GROUP GIVEAWAY! This type of cross promotion reaches an audience up to ten times it usually would! The only downside is that this type of giveaway has to have a GROUP GIVEAWAY worthy prize, which could be not the most budget friendly option. However, if your brand is planning on doing multiple giveaways anyways then this will be your better bet rather than paying bloggers for individual posts. It saves time and money! Plus, as an added bonus, bloggers get more exposure, this way everyone’s back gets scratched.


NUMBER 5 : Pin-It-to-Win-It

A fun little twist to a basic giveaway is a Pin-It-To-Win-It Campaign.  You can opt for a simple approach where the blogger's readers simply pin images of your products to their Pin Boards in exchange for an entry in the giveaway, or there are more complicated ways to jazz it up... for instance, contestants can create theme-specific Pin Boards on which to post your products. Remember to create a unique hashtag for your campaign to make it more searchable! #EasyPeasy


NUMBER 6 : Sponsored Ad Space

There are two paths you can take on the sponsored ad space road. Either you can opt to buy space via an ad network or you can buy ad space directly from a blogger. With buying space from an ad network, you get less say on which blogs you show up on. You run a big risk of joining The MixMatch Epidemic. What is The MixMatch Epidemic? Simply put, some ad networks are way off when matching up a brand to an appropriate blogger. This can result in McDonalds ads ending up on a high-end fashion blogger’s page or Neiman Marcus ads ending up on a budget-conscious blogger’s page. You get the picture, right? When buying ad space directly from a blogger you get more choice on which blog specifically you are showing up on. This means you can monitor how well your ad is doing. If it performs well, leave it! Why mess with something good? If not, take it down.That being said, using an ad network can take a lot of stress out from finding the right blogs to buy ad space from. You will have to deal with money exchange from bloggers that you work with, renewals, etc., but the returns could be exponentially higher. Additionally, you can use The Shelf to find the right bloggers within your demographic to reach out to in order to cut down the manual process. Either way, pick your poison!


NUMBER 7 : Last but Certainly not Least, Blog Competitions

Sometimes a brand needs to roll up their sleeves and get creative! A blog competition is a great way to do that. Essentially the way this type of contest works is you invite stylish bloggers to participate against each other to win. Types of winnings could be an exclusive partnership with the brand, a chance to be the new face of the brand, travel to various countries promoting the brand, etc. Because bloggers will need viewers to vote for them, they will really push the contest, especially just before the deadline. These contests can run for a couple of weeks and are a great way to really get your name out there on multiple platforms, repeatedly. Not only that, a blog competition is not only beneficial to you, but beneficial to the blogger as well! And you thought there was no such thing as two winners...tsk, tsk.  

There you have it. The magical number 7 strikes again!