How To Use Ello For Your Fashion Brand or Blog

Say hello to Ello, the much-hyped social network with a new approach to sharing and connecting online. "We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life," reads Ello's manifesto. Throw in the fact that Ello is invite-only and the cool kids are all flocking there – or at least begging for invites – in a fury. 

This ad-free social network is spearheaded by a group of artists that wanted to create a private social network, the opposite of Facebook’s model; in fact, they are being dubbed the 'Facebook killer.' As their private network gained popularity, they decided to start a public version. The cool kids are flocking here because the network empowers freedom of expression. Their DIY and minimalist approach to design is also a refreshing departure for aesthetics-driven users.

But do fashion businesses belong on this ad-free social network? Whether you are a brand or a blogger, if your audience is on a social network, you need to be there too. But you need to keep in mind that blatant self-promotion is the opposite of what Ello is building with its community – and why its followers have flocked there in the first place.

So, how do you promote yourself on Ello? Take a minimalist approach to what you are doing on other networks. Spend a lot of time observing successful accounts and see what’s resonating. Follow and interact with others just as you would on Twitter. Experiment with your own content and see what works. Keep experimenting as you gain followers. This network is a work in progress and with their iterations every day, it WILL continue to evolve. Stay up to date on the changes and grow with them. 

Ello may not have a clear promotional benefit for fashion brands and bloggers but if you treat it as a cross between Twitter and Tumblr, you might find a new outlet for connecting others with your business on a more creative level.  With a large focus on visuals, think about how you can use your newsfeed to showcase your imagery in a realistic way. Like other social networks, your profile photo, cover photo and bio (121 characters) are prime real estate for presenting yourself; your newsfeed is an extension of this. 

Are you on Ello yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!