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15 Instagram News Publishers for People Who Hate Watching the News

Tired of being beholden to network news? I hear ya. Hours and hours watching and listening to the chatter on network television about the economy, the outbreak, the primaries – all the stress-inducing topics that can make it tough to keep a positive, sunshiny attitude as you’re navigating your work days.

So, if you’d rather be on Instagram, letting the pretty pics wash your worries away, you’re going to love this.

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We put together a list of 15 [credible] Instagram news publishers. That way, you can feed your social media habit and still get the info you need to stay in the loop and be all adult-y. (Plus, you’re going to seem like such an amazing, well-read intellectual when you dazzle people (from a distance) with all your knowledge, when really…. you’re just following the right Instagram accounts.)

People-Focused News

BuzzFeed Tasty – @buzzfeedtasty

Light hearts and full bellies. That’s the dream, right? Well, you can get a dose from BuzzFeed Tasty. This culinary feed keeps your focus on discovering something new while still providing you with the kind of information, tips, tricks, and insights that will help you at least get the food part of social distancing thing right.

screengrab of @buzzfeedtasty Instagram grid

TIME – @time

TIME specializes in publishing interesting, relatable stories crafted to reflect the human size of global news. Pretty interesting stuff. And you know what? The pictures aren’t bad either.

screengrab of @time Instagram grid

BBC Worklife @bbc_worklife

Home decor, travel, global news, and the most intriguing headlines you’re going to find anywhere on the web, like “The city where you pay a year’s rent up front”. Almost as interesting as the content are the comments you’ll find in the feed.

screengrab of @bbc_worklife Instagram grid

New York Times – @nytimes

New York Times always seems to have its finger on the pulse of trending events. And it’s not just the information surrounding the spread of COVID-19 (though the topic is covered in great detail). This is the place to go if you want to explore the ripple effect of this pandemic – from how it affects your health to how it affects your TV viewing habits. Kind of a marketer’s dream feed.

screengrab of @nytimes Instagram grid

Parents – @parents

For most working parents, having the kids home and still having to deliver the goods at work is tough, even when you’re prepared ahead of time. That’s not the case for most of us right now. Last week, school was open on Thursday afternoon then closed by Friday morning… which means this week, parents may be struggling to get quickly adapted to working full-time WHILE being parent and teacher. The Parents Instagram feed doubles as an engaged community where parents can go to get info, advice, and support.

screengrab of @parents Instagram grid

Business News

Forbes – @forbes

screengrab of @forbes Instagram grid

Bloomberg Business – @bloombergbusiness

Bloomberg takes an interesting look at the world around us through the eyes of the different enterprises that line our city streets. We’re not just talking about boring business stats here. I mean, there are boring ones, but there are stats and stories about cool, interesting developments in industries like the music business, real estate, air pollution. Bloomberg Business even shared that picture of Dr. Jill Biden throwing herself in front of her husband and manhandling protesters who thought they were on their way to Joe. #rideordie

screengrab of @bloombergbusiness Instagram grid

Recession Proof CTA

Serious New (That’s Sometimes a Bummer)

CNN – @cnn

If you’re more of a fire and brimstone kinda person, you may want something that hits a little harder and goes right for the throat. You never have to wonder what a post is about with CNN’s Instagram content. Most of the non-election posts are topped with a red header (brand color) and a straightforward headline. And you’re able to grab news on a variety of topics, from the election to COVID-19 to Colorado’s consideration of adopting an immigration day to replace Columbus Day.

screengrab of @cnn Instagram grid

World Economic Forum – @worldeconomicforum

There’s life beyond your street. The World Economic Forum is a really interesting feed for finding out what the rest of the world is doing to proactively slow and eliminate the spread of COVID-19. For instance, that first image on the left is a hand sanitizer-dispensing robot patrolling a shopping plaza in Shanghai. Now, that’s cool. Yeah, sometimes the news will be sobering. But other times it’s a robot that brings hand sanitizer to you.

screengrab of @worldeconomicforum Instagram grid

Entertainment News (Sans Low-Brow Celebrity Gossip)

Sports Center – @sportscenter

I know. I know. Nobody’s really competing right now. Well, our favorite teams may not be playing right now, but there’s always sports news trending.  With updates about every 90 minutes, you can get the latest news about your favorite teams and sports PLUS highlights, funny videos, throwback content, and stats by following ESPN’s Sports Center.

screengrab of @sportscenter Instagram grid

The Business of Fashion – @bof

The Business of Fashion keeps followers up to date on the latest and greatest in the fashion and beauty spaces, as well as any news that may impact those multi-billion dollar industries. Updated multiple times a day, the BoF feed includes a mix of quotes, data, and the most fashionable #ootd posts you’ve ever laid eyes on.

screengrab of @bof Instagram grid

Cerebral News

World Health Organization – @who

During those times when rumors and misinformation spread like wildfire, it’s important to have access to a consistent string of information based on hard science. This is one of those times. The Instagram feed for the World Health Organization is a mix of stats, facts, quotes, pictures, and videos, all designed to provide the general public with the most up to date information without the sensationalism

screengrab of @who Instagram grid

Statista Infographics – @statista.infographics

If you’re big on data Statista is a fantastic source of information. No narratives. No editorials. Just data and visuals that are easy to grok in just a few seconds without having to invest time reading the captions. This is the one if you want to stay in the loop (and maybe have some interesting visuals to share across social). Happy birthday, Mr. Norris.

screengrab of @statista.infographics Instagram grid

The New Yorker Cartoons – @newyorkercartoons

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. More than true for the iconic cartoons of The New Yorker.  Sometimes it takes a cleverly-masked truism to drive home the reality of daily life. And the cartoons never fail to let you know what’s trending in the country’s most well-read and urbane circles (totally imagining Frasier Crane right now).

screengrab of @newyorkercartoons Instagram grid

TED – @ted

This is the place where good ideas live. And while I initially thought this would be clips from TED talks, it’s actually a collection of thought-provoking calls to action, natural marvels (like how trees talk to each other), baffling scientific discoveries (like the reappearance of wildlife in uninhabitable abandoned nuclear disaster sites (whaaa??)). Plus, tips for being mindful, being socially responsible, and being awesome.

screengrab of @ted Instagram grid


In light of what’s happening all around us, it’s so important that we practice self-care. Taking steps to get proactive about the kind of updates you get and when you get them is going to be important for your mental health in the coming weeks.

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Believe me, you don’t have to know everything that’s going on all the time. Guard your gates – your eyes and your ears – and latch on to only the most important information.

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