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Powerful Search

If you have dabbled with blogger outreach in the past, we don’t need to tell you what a HUGE pain in the keister it is to find bloggers who match your demographic. Identifying the right blogger is not only the most important part of influencer marketing, it is the most time consuming. With our search engine you can detect your perfect bloggers at a fraction of the time, which leaves you with more hours in the day to allocate to other important getting past level 65 in Candy Crush.

Use these powerful filters to find the right influencer.


Search by country, state, and city. This is the perfect feature for planning local events or working within shipping limitations.

Follower Count

Search by any social network. Remember, bloggers who are bigger tend to charge more. If you are working with a certain budget in mind, targeting bloggers within a specific follower count is a great way to ensure you are targeting bloggers within your price-range.


Boost your campaign ROI by ensuring the bloggers who have piqued your interest have the most active followings.

Brand Mentions

Establish a style match. Filter by brands your demographic already gravitates towards to find the bloggers they already love!

Product Price

Whether you are a luxury line or carry cheap and cheerful goods it is important to find bloggers who are talking about items within your range.

Activity Level

All bloggers on The Shelf are active. However, you do have the option to filter by most recent activity should you want to.


Dealing with gender specific products? No worries, use our gender filter to ensure you are reaching out to the right people. Or, get real creative and use the brand filter to target like-minded, gender-specific companies!


If your product targets a niche demographic our keyword tool will blow your mind. Vegan leather? Hair extensions? Prescription eyeglasses? No problem! Use the keyword filter to get REAL specific REAL quick.


Narrow down by the vertical that is relevant to your product: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mommy, travel, and food.

Effective research via
data-rich profiles

We surface every scrap of data you could possibly need when qualifying your outreach targets. Rather than spending days scouring the internet, perusing each social profile, blog post, and “about me” page, our deep profiles are equipped with all urls, social handles, names, follower counts, engagement averages, brand mentions, products that are linked to, and summaries of recent content.
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Blogger outreach can become a messy compilation of google docs, spreadsheets, and handwritten post-it notes. Kiss unorganized campaigns goodbye and keep track of the bloggers you want to work with via our collections!

New to Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can seem like a messy endeavor when you first get started... it's run by millions of individual bloggers, so you won't get the structure and the organization that comes along with more traditional forms of advertising, like Adwords, social ads, newsletters, etc. We understand the in's and out's of influencer marketing very well, and we've compiled a list of resources below that you will TRULY find helpful in quickstarting your first foray into working with influencers. A little bit of background knowledge can save you lots of money and time! (The below content will be useful to experienced marketers as well.)

Infographic Overview of Influencer Marketing

This infographic is a quick overview of influencer marketing in general. We have pulled in results from numerous studies covering a variety of topics : why it's effective, how many companies are using it (and to what extent), which industries it's most prevelant, and more.

An in depth review of our first influencer campaigns

We see that nearly everyone falls into the same initial pitfalls when doing influencer marketing for the first time. It's tricky business. And unless you're lucky, there's a very high chance that you'll just dismiss it after your first try. This article walks through how to avoid the typical mistakes that nearly everyone stumbles into.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach seems like it would be totally straight forward. Right? Write an email template, then blast it out to 40 bloggers. But that's actually wrong. Your response rate is going to really suffer. And you won't be getting the best matches with this approach. This article is written by our marketing guru, Sabrina, who also happens to run her very own fashion blog. She gives you a run down on what will get you results!

Don't get a fine from the FTC. They can be mean.

There are disclosure guidelines that you need to be aware of. Brands get fined in the case of a missing disclosure (not the bloggers). Additionally, we walk through how you can make classy looking disclosures (as opposed to tacky ones)!

How to get creative with your campaigns

Sponsored posts don't always need to follow the same old boring format. You can mix things up quite a bit! And try out new styles of campaigns. Many of these other approaches unlock ROI potential that wasn't previously accesible with the normal style campaign.

Get creative with your targeting

This is an important concept! You don't always need to target blogger's within your niche. You just need to make sure that their following is the right demographic for your product. HP, Diet Coke, and Blue Apron are three companies that have been targeting fashion bloggers lately! This is a great strategy, because the fashion blog audiences aren't totally indundated with products like those. It's wide open!

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