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The Shelf helps you streamline each step of your influencer marketing efforts to achieve your goals. Use our sophisticated search engine to find influencers that are just right for your brand. Use our seamless outreach tools to engage and setup campaigns. Use our analytics to discover what influencers are saying and what is trending in the influencer world.

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The Features

Search Engine

Explore our directory of more than 100,000 bloggers and influencers. We provide seven filters to help you discover the perfect matches for your brand and campaign goals.

Real-Time Profiles

Ever been a victim of zeroing in on the perfect influencer, only to notice that their last post was eight months ago? Never again! All profiles, links, social counts, and activity levels are updated in real-time.

Campaign Pages

Create a posting for your special project. Here, you can introduce your brand to influencers and include all of the nitty gritty details of your campaign.

Outreach Tools

Our series of outreach tools act like a CRM system, allowing you to send out all of your emails, invite influencers to campaigns, track opens, and more, all in one place!

Monitor Brand Mentions

Find out who is ALREADY talking about your brand! We cover all major social networks and blogging platforms, making it easy to engage and keep up with this content in real-time right from our platform.

ROI Analysis (beta)

Track the traffic, clicks, virality, and purchases that occur as a result of your campaigns! Interested in being a guinea pig? Awesome! Access this data at no extra charge.

The Shelf gives you a 360 View of Your Influencer Marketing Initiatives

Our feature set will give you the foundation to turn influencer marketing into a long-term strategy. Starting with discovery, then research, outreach and running campaigns, then finally analysis of the ROI. You’ll get the full-circle.
Something for Everyone

For Brands

Influencer Marketing

Our self-serve platform mimics the process of manually setting up campaigns, while streamlining all parts that are time-consuming and tedious. Using The Shelf, you’ll be able to find exactly who you need to work with in minutes rather than days. Kiss endless spreadsheets and labor intensive research goodbye!

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For Agencies

Extensive Database

Not to toot our own horn, but many agencies have told us that our product is more detailed and thorough than any other platform they’ve tried. We give you access to the largest selection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers in one place, with ecommerce-relevant filters, outreach features, downloadable lists, and more.

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For Bloggers

Brand Exposure

We make it easy for bloggers to get exposure to tons of super-relevant brands. When you sign up, we’ll generate a profile for you that stays updated with your content and stats in real-time. Think of it as your online media kit. TONS of features are coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Real Time Web Analytics