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If you're a smart go-getter who likes fast-paced environments, we'd love to talk to you!

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Quick Assessment of Skills
Quick Assessment of Skills
Please use the following statements to rate yourself on the following qualities and skills.
I am a creative person who can think outside of the box. (This sounds cliche, but a huge requirement of this position is being able to design and participate in client proposals.)
I can clearly articulate myself in my writing. I sound professional with correct grammar, and I'm diligent with proofreading my work.
I'm able to function well with tight deadlines while still being organized and delivering high quality work.
I'm tech savvy. I'm able to type fast. I'm proficient in computer applications (like Google docs, slides, and sheets).
I believe in optimizing everything. I try to learn software inside and out so that I'm not wasting time due to inefficiency. I love keyboard shortcuts.
Additional Skills (nice-to-haves)
Additional Skills (nice-to-haves)
I have experience creating/editing more formal documents like SOWs, RFPs, and campaign briefs.
I have experience working with large clients. I'm able to speak to them in a confident and professional manner. I'm able to mitigate concerns and steer them back to a happy place if they get in a funk about something.
I have experience in influencer marketing.
I have experience in other types of marketing... social media, media buying, event planning, etc.