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We wrote this book to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to roll out a BOSS influencer marketing campaign this holiday season.

THIS is the holiday marketing book to end ALL holiday marketing books!

More than just stats and facts (which we totally included a bunch of), this concise marketing guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of planning, budgeting, launching, and measuring a BOSS holiday influencer marketing campaign this year!

BIG Takeaway 1: Meaningful insights about the current state of holiday influencer marketing

Facts and stats are cool, but they need to mean something. So, we infused this book with the types of stats, numbers, and facts that are going to drive your decision-making during your next holiday marketing activation.

Find out what’s currently popping in the influencer space and a few key predictions about what’s to come.

BIG Takeaway 2: Useful info on how emerging trends may affect your campaign

We included key emerging trends that are shifting the social landscape a bit, trends that will be important for you to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

BIG Takeaway 3: An 11-step influencer marketing plan any brand can use

In addition to a few pages of stats, a couple of pages of trends, and pretty, pink graphics, the majority of this book is actually made up of a well-mapped actionable strategy laid out by our co-founder. Every step in the plan includes a what, a why, and a how. So, it’s more of a playbook than a guide. Bonus: This strategy is totally evergreen.

BIG Takeaway 4: We tell you HOW to do this, like… in real life

This is more than the typical “Here’s what you need to do” guide filled with I-coulda-guessed-as-much content. This isn’t the stuff you find recycled in blog post after blog post after blog post, This plan actually lays out for you HOW to organize, structure, and roll out your campaign.

BIG Takeaway 5: Solid advice, hacks, and workarounds

Because chances are… we’ve been there. I mean, even with the most detailed, pristine instructions straight from the Harvard Research people, you’re still gonna want somebody who’s been there and done that to give you a heads up on what to expect. That’s us.

So, we included tips for dealing with influencers, what to put in your contracts, how to handle analytics, and even ways to streamline the logistics of shipping products to influencers.

You’re welcome!

The Shelf’s Holiday Marketing Strategy Will Help You Build an Effective Influencer Campaign from Start to Finish

It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly… Yes, we include the fun, exciting creative aspects of building an influencer campaign, but we didn’t leave out the ho-hum, potentially headache-inducing insanity that seasoned marketers have learned to successfully manage. We leave nothing out.