Open Positions

Back-end Engineer
In the last 2-3 years, influencer driven marketing has exploded and almost every brand is looking for a creative way to utilize this new and innovative channel to get in front of customers. Existing solutions rely on fake/vanity metrics (e.g., # of followers) to discover influencers for a given topic. This is not sustainable and brands are realizing that more data-driven solutions are needed.

The Shelf is building the patent-pending global infrastructure for brands to easily implement a variety of influencer-driven marketing strategies directly from our platform (such as sponsored campaigns, giveaways, focus study groups, targeted sales, sentiment analysis, recommendation engines, and many more).

It is an ambitious goal. To tackle this challenge, The Shelf combines sophisticated web-scraping, big data analytics, and machine learning algorithms to build a global interest graph that encapsulates user’s interests, past shopping history, and their connectivity to other users. This global interest graph is the abstraction that gives us the power and flexibility to implement applications mentioned above without starting from scratch for each one.

In the last 5 months, The Shelf has seen 400% growth in terms of paying customers as well influencer-brand collaborations facilitated through the platform.

We’re looking for a full stack engineer who is diligent, smart, ambitious, and excited to help us build/extend/improve this infrastructure and help us continue to scale.
  • Deep understanding of CS fundamentals as well as distributed systems.
  • At least 3 years of experience building production level software (Python, Django required).
  • Continuous integration and deployment experience
  • Experience developing and maintaining the back-end of a data-driven web app
  • Extensive experience with web-scraping (deep knowledge of Selenium a plus)
  • Experience implementing a data collection and analysis pipeline, scaling up to larger data sets and optimizing as necessary
  • Experience working with both relational databases and KV databases.
  • (Not necessary but we’d love you if) Experience with general data mining (NLTK) and machine learning techniques
  • (Not necessary but we’d love you if) Understanding and experience maintaining & optimizing PostgresSQL database is a major plus

New York, NY // Singapore // Hong Kong


3-5 years


Amazon EC2
RDS (Postgres)
RabbitMQ for messaging
Celery for queues

Inside Sales Reps
The Shelf is an influencer marketing platform built on top of a global influence graph. This graph is patent-pending and pretty much allows us to kick butt in the influencer space. As a company, we're at an exciting point: we’ve hit our product-market fit, we have amazing inbound interest that is completely overwhelming (in all the right ways), and we have lots of happy paying customers. We’re currently kicking sales into high gear through three or four ninja that's where you come in.
Experience / Qualities
  • Experience with inside sales for a SaaS solution.
  • Efficient and organized: We have a very fast-paced environment. Being organized is sort of crucial due to the many hats you'll be wearing.
  • Metrics-focused and ROI-driven: We're a big-data company and this focus trickles into everything we do. We come up with ideas. We implement short experiments to test out our theories. And then we iterate. Constant improvement is key!
  • In it to win it attitude: Status quo doesn't really cut it. You'll have skin in the game and it's crucial that everyone is setting sky as the limit.
  • The ability to think outside the box: You should be comfortable and keen to find shortcuts for processes that take tons of unnecessary time.
  • A networking nut: If you have contacts within the PR world, this is a huge, HUGE plus! But if not, your charisma should be off the charts.
  • A closer: You should have an impressive track record of being able to consistently sell products. SAAS product experience is a plus.
  • Flexiblity: Obviously it's more fun to work with processes and tools that you’re already familiar with but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if we’re using a different CRM than what you’re used to.
  • Thrives in discomfort: The Shelf isn't an uncomfortable place to work. :) BUT...should the need arise, we like it when you're able to rise to the challenge. Stress and time constraints should only causes your A-game to come out that much more (rather than invoking the classic "deer in headlights" response). We want the fighters, not the flighters...get it? ;)
  • Pleasant: We’re a fun team that works hard. Our current teammates are easygoing people who role with the punches. Startups are tense by nature and so we make it a priority to work with people who don’t add stress. :)
  • You should be better than other people: If you have crazy awesome experience, fantastic!!! We want to hear from you! If you don’t have crazy awesome experience, but you’re just an exceptional human being in general who likes challenges, and you meet all of the other criteria listed above, not to worry!! We love go-getters more than experience.

New York, NY // Singapore // Hong Kong


2-5 years