Customize Your Demo

If you're a brand or agency please fill out these quick questions below so that we can understand your requirements and customize your demo. If you are interested in the Startup Plan, please read up on the startup-requirements here and fill out the application form on that page in order to get access to the special pricing.

Have you done influencer marketing in the past?
What's your timeline?
Are you a brand or an agency?
In order to show you super targeted results, it's extremely helpful if you can provide the name of your client(s), plus a few companies within their space, so that we can show you competitive analytics.
Do you know what you want your campaign(s) to look like? Do you plan to pay influencers for their endorsements? Are there any specifics about your target demographic that would help us help you to find the right influencers?
What features do you want to see in the demo?
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