Luxola was launched in Singapore in 2011 and has quickly grown into the destination for beauty in Southeast Asia; carrying over 4000 products and serving customers across the region including Australia, India and the UAE. They carry over 250 brands, of which over 65 brands across multiple markets are exclusive to Luxola.

The Project

Luxola has been doing blogger campaigns for years, and prior to using The Shelf, their biggest challenge was just finding bloggers that fit the bill for their niche location and products, (Southeast Asian beauty bloggers). Their head of marketing explained that it took them a couple years to compile a list of 200 bloggers that matched their specific requirements. And within minutes of exploring The Shelf, they were able to find a few thousand.

Using The Shelf, Luxola launched a series of blogger campaigns promoting a number of their summer products, with each campaign using a set of 10-20 bloggers.
Work-flow Before Using The Shelf
Luxola has set up a ton of these types of campaigns in the past,
and prior to using The Shelf, their process was very manual and time consuming.


Search for URLs on various blogger aggregation sites like BlogLovin as well as blog rolls. This was the most arduous of their tasks because of the specific nature of their brand.

URL Inspection

Analysis of the URLs was important for understanding the blogger's style, photo quality, comment counts, brands mentioned, and whether or not that blogger is actively blogging within the last month.

Manual Research

Each of the social handles listed would need to be visited separately in order to see what their social following looked like.


Personalizing emails took some time because each email needed to have a "conversation starter".

Writing Emails

Discovering email addresses and contact forms is always a pain because no one ever lists them in the same place.

Maintaining Relationships

Keeping up with these bloggers is key for Luxola, because it gives them continued coverage and more bang for their buck. Additionally, setting up future campaigns is easier.

Mallika Kapoor
Head of Influencer Marketing

With The Shelf we're able to target our campaigns to a specific tier of bloggers based on their demographics, which is quite challenging if you're engaging with them organically. It has made our influencer marketing organized and efficient, while also increasing our engagement rates.

Time-saving Benefits

The Shelf has a very robust system of filters, so Luxola was able to narrow down instantly. Within minutes they were able to quadruple the pool of bloggers that has taken them more than a year to compile. Below are the filters that they've taken advantage of.

The Shelf : Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Using our filters they found bloggers exponentially faster than before. Once they began outreach they sent out 140 extremely targeted emails (each customized to the recipient), within one day. They had a response rate that was significantly higher than expected, leading them to bump half of the responders to their next campaign which they launched one month later. Once they started posting, there were many additional posts that resulted from their initial campaigns due to reblogging, as well as more than one posting by the paid bloggers.

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Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing is an amazingly effective way to :
  • Spread awareness about your brand to very targeted potential customers.
  • Gain traction on social networks with new followers and engagement.
  • Show your products in action and in the context of everyday use (such as an outfit).
  • Acquiring backlinks for SEO purposes. Backlinks are one of the best ways to increase your Domain Authority.
  • And furthermore, there are many fun ways to get creative!
Despite being such an effective form of advertising, the process of setting up campaigns with influencers remains extremely time-consuming and tedious. This is where The Shelf comes in! We streamline each part of the process :
  • You immediately have access to 200,000+ influencers, organized by vertical.
  • Our filtering allows you to search by extremely specific characteristics, narrowing down to the influencers who are truly the most relevant for your target audience.
  • All of our users experience a significant increase in response rate due to the targeted nature of their outreach.
  • And many experience an increase in ROI due to finding the RIGHT people with whom to work.
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