EJM PR is a boutique agency working with companies in the following spaces : fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle. They provide a range of PR services, and have completed more blogger campaigns than you can count, many with large brands like Chadwicks, Territory Ahead, and Metrostyle, La Roche Posay, Dermablend, and The Palm, Pip’s Place.

The Project

Distinctive Apparel has 3 fashion catalogs - Chadwicks, metrostyle, and Territory Ahead. Metrostyle is on the fun, urban side with affordable and eye-catching colors, fabrics, and styles. Chadwicks offers tailored, classic pieces, while Territory Ahead focuses on casual, easy-to-wear, layering pieces. All three brands are value conscious and their customers range in age from 20-50. Additionally, all three brands wanted to set up campaigns with very targeted bloggers to spread awareness about their brand and catalogue.
Work-flow Before Using The Shelf
Erika has set up a ton of these types of campaigns in the past, and prior to using The Shelf, Erika’s process was very manual and time consuming. Below were the steps she followed


Search for URL's on various blogger aggregation sites like BlogLovin as well as blog rolls. Of the bloggers explored, only 10-15% were typically deemed relevant by them.

URL Inspection

Each url found would be inspected in order to understand the blogger's style, photo quality, comment counts, brands mentioned, and whether or not that blogger is actively blogging within the last month.

Manual Research

Each of the social handles listed would need to be visited separately in order to see what their social following looked like. She also paid Cision in order to check on location.


Personalizing emails is important. Therefore, Erika would browse recent posts and scan "about" pages in order to have a "conversation starter" for her outreach email. Talk about time consuming!

Writing Emails

First she'd need to find their emails. Then she'd compose each email separately working in the personalization. Typical response rate was ONLY 5-10%

Confirm, Track & UGC

Posts don't always go up on time, so blogs need to be monitored. Once the post is up, she'd make sure to help spread the UGC. And once everything was up, she'd track results, and report those back to her client.

Erika Martineau
Public Relations for : Fashion, Beauty, Food, and Lifestyle Clients
The Shelf is a great resource for a brand who wants to streamline and target their blogger outreach. With the ability to narrow down your search by key criteria such as location, interests, and competitor brand names you can save countless hours of research and get right to connecting with bloggers who might be interested in your brand.

Time-saving Benefits

Other solutions they’ve tried provide you with urls, but they don’t provide any sort of profile. Additionally, searching on other platforms didn’t go further than location and popularity. Using The Shelf, she was able to take the list of 200,000 bloggers in the lifestyle vertical, and instantly narrow down using our advanced filters to the bloggers who were an exact demographic match to the following criteria.

The Shelf : Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Once the matches were surfaced, she’d scan the detailed profiles we provide, check their recent content, and read through the brands they've covered in the past. Using that info, she'd decide yes or no, and then send them an email right from our platform. With this more targeted list, she was able to reach out to significantly less people when setting up 5 campaigns. Her previous response rate was 5-10%. Using The Shelf, her response rate was a whopping 48%!! Out of 25 emails sent, she heard back from 12. Of those 12, she put together 6 sponsored posts with 5 different bloggers, and had an additional 3 bloggers make a purchase. The bloggers and posts can be viewed below.

in responses
time spent
in set up
Total reach
of bloggers
No money spent,
just time + clothes

↓↓↓   The Bloggers   ↓↓↓

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing is an amazingly effective way to :
  • Spread awareness about your brand to very targeted potential customers.
  • Gain traction on social networks with new followers and engagement.
  • Show your products in action and in the context of everyday use (such as an outfit).
  • Acquiring backlinks for SEO purposes. Backlinks are one of the best ways to increase your Domain Authority.
  • And furthermore, there are many fun ways to get creative!
Despite being such an effective form of advertising, the process of setting up campaigns with influencers remains extremely time-consuming and tedious. This is where The Shelf comes in! We streamline each part of the process :
  • You immediately have access to 200,000+ influencers, organized by vertical.
  • Our filtering allows you to search by extremely specific characteristics, narrowing down to the influencers who are truly the most relevant for your target audience.
  • All of our users experience a significant increase in response rate due to the targeted nature of their outreach.
  • And many experience an increase in ROI due to finding the RIGHT people with whom to work.
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