Brand Partnerships Role (remote is ok)

The Shelf is a fast-growing influencer marketing company and we’re looking to hire a mid- to senior-level candidate (OR a badass less-experienced go-getter) to manage brand partnerships within our team of 18. We’re currently working with some pretty amazing brands: eos, Famous Footwear, Natori, Cybex, Pepsi, Neutrogena, Evenflo… just to name a few!

We’re hiring for a hybrid role that involves a little bit of account management as well as managing brand partnerships, so we’re looking for someone with the following qualities:

  1. Experience in the PR Space: You should have past experience working with big name clients, running campaigns, and managing these projects start to finish.

  2. Strategic: You should have past experience participating in building out strategic proposals as well as presenting them to clients.

  3. Excellent People Skills: Since this is primarily a partnership role, you will need to have fantastic skills dealing with people and navigating conversations.

  4. Always-Be-Learning Attitude: We’re looking for people who have a relentless appetite to learn and adapt, as well as the ability to implement feedback. You should be eager to learn about and grow with this quickly evolving space.

  5. Startup Ready: You’ll be joining a small team where the impact of each person is extremely important. You’ll be learning a lot and wearing multiple hats. You should be able to take on multiple projects at once, with no work that is beneath you… no ego, and you shouldn’t be one of those 9-5 people who can't be found before or after work house. While we encourage work-life balance if there’s a deadline, we need each person on the team to rise to the occasion and make stuff happen.

This position does not require business development experience (although if you have it, it’s definitely a plus).

Our company has a very fast-paced environment. There’s always something new going on. Constant change in this space means we have to be flexible. Rigidity is way too old school to survive in the digital marketing space. On the flip side, constant change means constant learning! So, if that's your thing, you have permission to totally geek out. Lots of room for career growth because we’ll let you take on whatever you can handle. Plus, we like to hire our managers from within the team, so there is a very clear path to the next level (if it’s of interest).


Extra Details

Compensation + Perks (in Addition to Base Salary):

  • We want each of our employees to have skin in the game, so you’ll receive a meaningful number of stock options after you hit the 3-month point.

  • We provide a tiered commission structure (meaning, the more money you bring in, the higher percentage of the revenue you will receive on those closed deals).

  • We provide the usual benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision.

  • We typically work from home 2 days a week to save on commute time. Yay!

  • You’ll be working closely with the founders. Both are super cool.

  • People who perform well advance quickly.

  • We’re dog-friendly. (We have an office pug!! So if you like dogs, you’ll love him… if you don’t like dogs, he’ll most likely ignore you… he’s very adept at picking up on whether people want anything to do with him.)


How to Apply

We’re a pretty down-to-earth bunch, so if you’re interested in applying, in lieu of an elaborate cover letter, you can email me at and include bullet points with the following info:

  • A link to your Linkedin profile.

  • What job site sent you our way.

  • Your location.

  • How much time you need before being able to join (assuming it's a good fit).

  • Your phone number... and whether or not it's ok for me to just give you a call instead of going through all the back and forth to set up an intro call (first calls aren't more than 15 minutes... they're just to provide you with an intro on us as well as get understanding of your experience and what you're looking for). If it's not ok for me to just call you out of the blue, can you let me know a few times that would work for a call.

  • Some brief bullet points about your influencer marketing / new business experience.

  • (Applications that are submitted using a job site (instead of emailed to the above email address) will not be considered.)



  • We are looking for people who function well within fast-paced environments.

  • Everyone on the team needs to be data-driven and curious as we are launching new initiatives and experiments on a regular basis.

  • Like with any startup, things get stressful, so we want people who are upbeat, nice, and who enjoy working as a team player.

  • We always look to hire problem solvers, so if you love working on challenging and complex problems, you’ll do well here.

  • You should have a never-say-die attitude.

  • You should have the ability and eagerness to learn new software and computer skills. Within a small company, we need our team members to constantly be optimizing their workflow to work more efficiently in less time.

  • You should be an active social media user yourself. We’ve seen that our employees who are active users of social media are able to come to the table with a much deeper understanding of this space and require much less training.



  • We’re looking for a relationship builder… someone who knows how to open doors (and understands which doors to pursue) with excellent listening, negotiation, and presentation skills as well as strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • You should have a track record of juggling multiple projects at a time, and thriving in that sort of environment.

  • You need to be a nut about organization. We are looking for someone who knows how to stay on top of a very large volume of clients without letting things slip through the cracks.

  • You should be comfortable speaking with diverse stakeholders in a variety of verticals.

  • You should have a good understanding of the influencer marketing space. (While this isn’t a requirement, candidates who come with this background will be prioritized.)


Components Of The Role

  • Participate in training to get up to speed on our current processes

  • Help our account managers build out decks and run campaigns while you are ramping up

  • Engage with both inbound and outbound leads, explaining what we can do for them

  • Provide legitimate advice to prospective clients based on their unique needs and goals

  • Give compelling online demos and pitches to prospective clients

  • Provide consistent and timely follow-up communications, along with action steps after every call

  • Concisely articulate your pipeline with your manager

  • Maintain strong relationships with current clients, securing new business in the future

  • Continually learn new things and improve your approach based on regular analysis of your calls, follow-ups, and techniques