Our Power List of Top UK Influencers for 2018

UK Influencers: 8 Social Media Powerhouses from Across the Pond

Influencers are everywhere. Some of the biggest influencers in the business right now are based across the pond in the good old United Kingdom. The land of tea, rain, and red buses has some serious clout when it comes to creating top-level social media influencers who can help brands make money.

The UK boasts one of the most profitable consumer markets in the world. If your brand is not already tapping into this flourishing market with your branding - you could be seriously missing out. Many consumers in the UK prefer the personalised approach to marketing, and are often mistrusting of big brands and companies. This could explain why influencer marketing is so successful there.

From fashion to family to video games, there are influencers of every shape and size in the UK, and below, we’ve gathered together some of our top picks across the board.


Possibly the most famous influencer to come out of the UK, Zoella is a YouTuber and blogger who talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and even her own problems with mental health. She has released a number of books, as well as her own line of beauty products with the largest cosmetics store in the UK. She is a one of a small group of influencers who are friends in real life, and often appear in each other’s blog posts, videos, and Instagram posts.




Susie Lau is a British-born Chinese influencer who runs the highly successful Style Bubble fashion blog. Her unique sense of style and fun-loving nature has made her one of the top style bloggers in the country. In the past, she’s worked with top brand names like Louis Vuitton, Topshop, and Prada. As well, she's written for publications such as The Guardian, Vogue.com, and ELLE UK.




Dina Torkia (her actual name) is a modest fashion influencer whose Instagram feed simply screams style. Combining fashion, beauty and lifestyle but with a modest and unique twist, her feed is a breath of fresh air on the platform. She partners with make-up brands and fashion houses - she even designed her own range of headscarves. Dina is a force to be reckoned with in the virtual world.


It’s possible that Dan will be the least recognised influencer on here - despite having a following of nearly three million people. That’s because he is best known in the online gaming community - an incredibly lucrative and engaged online world. His upbeat personality and gaming credibility make him a popular influencer the world around.


Tanya Burr


Tanya Burr is a lifestyle vlogger and blogger with a dedicated and engaged following across multiple platforms. Another member of the influencer supergroup featuring Zoella, she often teams up with other influencers in her niche to produce some really awesome content.




Iskra is a model and influencer who works to promote body confidence, and put an end to body shaming across the internet. She is a brand ambassador for L’Oreal, and an Aerie Real model to boot. Her no-nonsense attitude and shining self-confidence are beautiful to see, and she makes an amazing role model for all her four million plus followers.


Louise Pentland began her influencer journey on YouTube with her channel Sprinkle of Glitter where she posted makeup and beauty videos. Now, her brand has evolved past that; she is now a parent, a parenting vlogger, a best-selling author and a UN ambassador for gender equality! Talk about growth! She still vlogs regularly, as well as posting to her Instagram page, something her 2.4 million followers are sure to appreciate!


The Body Coach


Joe Wicks a.k.a The Body Coach has made a name for himself with his "Lean in 15" fitness and nutrition program. He posts motivational and informative content on Instagram to help his two million followers get in shape. All those delicious looking dishes he posts have thousands of people double tapping and taking note.

Who are your favorite influencers from the UK? Did we miss them off the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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