30 Canadian Style Bloggers To Bookmark Now

Canadian style is often perceived as basic and practical. Plaid, toques, and parkas are just a few of the pieces that may come to mind when you think about Canadian fashion. But truth be told, Canada is booming with refreshing perspectives on style. Indeed, boring is just a stereotype and we’re here to prove it.

Our favorite Canadian style bloggers are more than just influencers with great taste – they’re also pros at mastering style in the sun, snow, and rain. In lieu of those unpredictable temps, they’ve learned to master layers and functional fashion that actually looks good, proving that you CAN have great style regardless of how cold it is.

Canadian Style: 25 Style Bloggers To Watch

A Fashion Love Affair / Cara McLeay, Vancouver

Cara’s effortlessly chic style represents the quintessential summer-girl. Her style translates the relaxed vibe that is Vancouver into wearable looks. Follow Cara as she travels around the globe, or makes herself at home at local beaches.

Ania B, Alberta

A model since the age of 14, Ania has long been immersed in the world of fashion. After leaving her full-time job behind in 2013, Ania focused her energy on blogging, photography, and modelling. Like flipping through the pages of a glossy magazine, Ania’s impressive photography and refined sense of style offer a polished take on personal style blogging.  

Gracie Carroll, Toronto

Toronto born and bred, Gracie Carroll has style in her genes (and jeans). Growing up with a mom in the business, Carroll originally dreamt of strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Unfortunately, her five foot five height wouldn’t allow it! Having completed an internship in NYC at Teen Vogue, Carroll has gone on to write for numerous publications including Elle.

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Alicia Fashionista / Alicia Quan, Vancouver  

Alicia Fashionista is the perfect go-to for everyday style inspiration, offering her take on relatable and feminine fashion. From crisp little white sundresses to 70’s inspired looks, she offers her readers a multitude of ways to wear current trends in their daily lives. Alicia always proves that happiness, laughter, and a smile are the best accessories!

Alexander Liang, Toronto

From stylish resort wear to upscale NYC Fashion Week looks, Alexander Liang is the ultimate inspiration for men’s fashion in Canada. Also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of popular magazine, KENTON, Alexander is taking the fashion world by storm and tackling everything from personal style, to runway, to street. We dig it.

Jetset Justine / Justine Iaboni, Toronto

Girlfriend to Alexander Liang, Justine Iaboni is the fashionable face behind Jetset Justine. Her blog chronicles her everyday fashion and more upscale looks as she travels the globe. From a chic take on basics, to bohemian with an edge, Justine knows how to work a trend (walking arm in arm with her partner in crime, Alexander, of course).

The Coveteur / Stephanie Mark, Erin Kleinberg, and Jake Rosenberg, Toronto

Stephanie Mark, Erin Kleinberg, and Jake Rosenberg are the fashion visionaries behind one of Canada’s most voyeuristic and well-known blogs. But this isn’t a typical style blog. The Coveteur offers an intimate behind scenes look at the closets of the greatest fashion tastemakers around the world.

Gumboot Glam / Ally Soeker, Vancouver  

This Vancouver-based blogger is all about style that screams femininity. Ally’s Gumboot Glam offers elegant and ladylike fashion for the everyday fashionista that likes to get dolled up.

Rose City Style Guide / Amanda, Windsor

This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger shares relatable beauty and style posts. Her effortless take on classics paired with more current trends offers a unique (and exciting) look at daily style for the everyday gal.

Suburban Faux Pas / Krystin Lee, Toronto

Krystin is the ultimate fashionista with sophisticated everyday style. When not working as a Social Media Strategist, Krystin can be found on Suburban Faux Pas sharing everything from workwear to party attire. Her style is elegant, sophisticated, and always on point.

To Vogue or Bust / Alexandra Grant, Vancouver

Alexandra Grant is a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger who can often be found exploring the Granville Island Marketplace, running the sea wall, or planning her next big adventure. She’s the quintessential Vancouver girl with a touch of Parisian flare. Alexandra’s style always conveys a sense of sophistication regardless of whether she’s styled in a tee and jeans or an elegant midi skirt.

Jay Strut, Toronto

The sheer androgyny, sporty, collected, and cool vibe Strut exudes is unreal. Not only is his personal style off the charts, but his blog also encompasses snippets from global fashion news. Staying informed AND inspired?! What more could you ask or.

StreetScoutMe / Sabrina and Jeremy Levy, Vancouver

Sabrina (you may recognize the name from some of our other posts), is one of our very own. She’s one part of this dynamic husband and wife street style duo and a staple in the Canadian fashion community. Get the 411 on killer Canadian street style via their space. This husband and wife duo is a street style force to be reckoned with!

Crazy Style Love / Jenny Jovanovic, Toronto

Happy-go-lucky blogger, Jenny Jovanovic is a self-proclaimed girly-girl and her style represents that perfectly. Feminine fits and ladylike silhouettes are Jenny’s go-to pieces for all occasions. Her joyful style of writing offers a positive and friendly take on personal blogging.

Dentelle+Fleurs / Gabrielle Lacasse, Montreal

Gabrielle Lacasse has shown readers what to wear AND why for half a decade. Her own personal style is edgy and cool, exuding that je ne sais quoi Montreal is known for. Her how-to guides provide inspiration and direction for readers to take on trends confidently – and her latest how-to guide on 5 Ways to Style Over the Knee Boots is a must read to nail your fall look!

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Xander Vintage / Alanna Durkovich, Vancouver

Play is the name of the game on Alanna Durkovich’s Vancouver-based blog, Xander Vintage. She proves that every day is an opportunity to have fun with fashion and you never should take yourself too seriously. This mother of three (one human, and two dogs, as she notes) takes on bold trends with confidence and makes them all her own on Xander Vintage.

The Brunette Salad / Vanessa Cesario, Toronto

With The Blonde Salad based in America, it’s very fitting for her brunette counterpart to be posted up oh so close by. Vanessa Cesario is a recent media studies grad, living in Toronto blogging about all things edgy and street-inspired. We can’t get enough of her Instagram feed.

Pull Teeth / Andrew Chipman, Winnipeg

While most well known Canadian fashion bloggers flock to larger cities like Toronto or Montreal, Chipman is making a name for Winnipeg. With a flair for thrift store finds and a penchant for Jeremy Scott prints, Chipman often not only posts stellar pics of himself but fun dancing videos to give his blog a little extra spice.

The Blondielocks / Kaylee Giffon, Toronto

Whether you’re looking for food, fashion, beauty, or décor ideas, you can find it all on Blondielocks. Kaylee Giffon takes on ‘lifestyle blogger’ to its greatest extent, proving you really can have it all AND do it all yourself! Kaylee’s style is an intricate mix of feminine fits and bohemian details.

Montreal in Style / Anik Lacasse-Richard, Montreal

Anik is a Montreal-based style blogger who tackles trends in unique and stylish ways, proving how easy it is to incorporate them in our daily lives. Her bohemian and effortless take on style is both practical and enviable.

Jessica Luxe, Vancouver

Purple, pink, and blue – those are just a few hair colours rocked by this chic Vancouver-based blogger, and that’s not even beginning to look at her wardrobe! Jessica’s lively sense of style is one that is sure to inspire you to add more colour to your wardrobe, play with trends, and have fun with your daily wardrobe.

Stephanie Strejovski, Toronto  

Covering everything from beauty, travel, and daily style, Stephanie Sterjovski is a one-stop shop for all lifestyle inspiration. Stephanie’s enviable style is a chic mix of classic pieces paired with modern trends.

The Neat Fit / Neal Jolly, Toronto

With his mission to help men around the world embrace fashion, this Toronto-based style blogger offers daily inspiration to guide men into the world of personal style. Husband to fashion blogger, Stephanie Sterjovski, the stylish pair often share shots from their travels around the globe. These two will not only leave you wanting to improve your wardrobe, they’ll also inspire you to add a bit more adventure and travel to your life.

Lilyanne Nguyen, Vancouver 

What was formerly a ‘fashion’ blog, Lilyanne Nguyen’s recently refocused her personal brand to be more of a lifestyle space where she could get real with her readers. She recently launched an exciting happiness project, where she interviews local people on how they define happiness. Her style is both relatable and edgy, and her voice is a constant of realism and honesty.

Ethics of Style / Jenn McNaughton, Toronto

Clean, modern, and sophisticated. Created by Jenn McNaughton, Ethics of Style is the perfect marriage of masculinity and chic femininity (say that three times fast). In true Beetlejuice fashion, she tends to work in black and white in the most effortlessly vogue way possible. Needless to say, we’re obsessed.   

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That’s it for now! If you’ve enjoyed this roundup, check out more style blogger roundups below, or head over to our influencer marketing resources to learn more about working with bloggers.

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