Singapore's Best Fashion Instagrammers To Follow

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an island country just off the southern Malaysian coastline. Filled with natural beauty and culture, Singapore is a great place to travel to and explore. Along with the rich culture and beautiful landscape, Singapore is also home to some of the top style influencers in the world. 

9 Of The Most Fashionable Instagrammers To Follow In Singapore


Carrie Sim

While working full time in the Travel and Tourism industry as a PR and marketing professional, Carrie Sim also manages her blog. She describes it as an online visual diary created to challenge and push her boundaries in writing and photography. Carrie’s elegant style and informative travel guides makes her blog an addictive read for those aiming to look stylish on the go.

Carre Sim Instagram

Yina Goh

Yina is a Singapore-based blogger and boutique owner. Yina independently curated The Velvet Doll, a clothing boutique dedicated to providing men and women of all shapes and sizes with high quality pieces. This former graphic artist and illustrator began Yingaoh in 2009 as a place to share her life experiences, daily inspiration, personal style, life as a small business owner, and adventures.  

Yina Goh Instagram

Decadent Drama / Desiree Liew

Desiree commits all of her life to fashion. She's currently a Fashion Communications student at Lasalle College of Arts and runs her successful style blog, Decadent Drama. Her minimalist and sleek sense of style inspire her readers to take a more streamlined approach to their looks.

Decadent Drama

Crystal Phuong

Crystal Phuong began her blog back in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2012 when she realized the direction she wanted to take with her online destination. Changing her blog from an e-diary to a personal style blog quickly propelled Crystal into the spotlight. was named as one Singapore's top 10 best fashion blogs only six months after re-focusing her brand. A woman of many hats, Crystal balances a busy lifestyle of being a Digital Marketing Consultant, Latin Dance Teacher, as well as a style blogger and shows us that we all can achieve a happy balance in style.

Crystal Phuong Instagram

Masturah K

Formerly Foster the Fashion, is a personal style blog that documents Masturah’s fashion, daily musings, and inspiration. Masturah K  style balances chic minimalism with modern trends, which creates for looks that are both runway and sidewalk ready.

Masturahkay Instagram

Jess The Grrl / Jessico Ho

23 year old Jessica Ho manages Jess The Grrl, while also working as a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. Her bright and playful take on fashion is refreshing and fun yet totally modern. Playing with color, unique silhouette shapes, and current trends makes Jessica Ho’s online style destination one to note for inspiration.

Jess the Grrl

The Mignonnes / Manda and Swen

The two writers behind The Migonnes created their online space to document all the things in their life that inspired them. Their personal style balances relatable and wearable fashion with creative and unique trends.

The Migonnes

Heels and Wedges / Fatiha Faulzi

Fatiha Faulzi created Heels and Wedges back in 2010 in order to document her style, daily life, beauty, and travels. Today, Fatiha has refined her blogs message to one that she hopes encourages her readers to explore and enjoy their own personal style. Her personal aesthetic is a mix of feminine styles and elegant neutrals.

Heels and Wedges

Naked Glory / Vera Mao

With a love for style and photography, Vera Mao launched her personal style, beauty, and lifestyle blog, Naked Glory. While sharing her elegant daily style, beauty favorites, best foodie locations, and travel guides, Vera is also pursuing a BBA degree at NUS Business School.


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