16 Sibling Influencers (and Creators) We Love to Follow

We thought it would be pretty cool to put together a list of young sibling influencers who are mastering the art of visual storytelling. There’s something special about brothers and sisters working together to entertain, inform, and engage on social media.

Many major brands recognize that their futures are tied to their ability to not only create positive experiences and memories that kids hang on to into adulthood, but also to make sure the brand deploys marketing strategies which endear them to every generation of kids. Retailers and brands like Walmart and Target have been partnering with young influencers to sell everything from toys to luxury apparel. Influencer campaigns that feature young creators have proven to be pretty effective.

So, for this post, we found seven(ish) sets of young creators who are siblings (and quite a few twin sets - bonus) and that we like following across social media.

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8 Creative Teams (Who Happen to Be Sibling Influencers) That We’re Following Now

Okay, here we go - our hit list of siblings who share some pretty cool aspects of their lives with us on social media.

Megan and Morgan Boyd

On Instagram @megan_morgan_truebluetwin


These girls take twinfactuation to a whole new level. With more than 550k Instagram followers, the twins have found a way to convert their popularity into business success.

Brands they’ve worked with include Born Curly, The Money Mavens, and the brand featured in this post, Neon Kisses Inc. Neon Kisses is an American clothing company that creates fun, vibrant clothing and accessories for women and children (so its feed is overflowing with cutie pie kids).The brand also offers custom sneakers for “little princesses and divas”. The Boyd twins look like radiant, confident, superstars!

Taytum and Oakley Fisher

On Instagram @taytumandoakley


Source: On Instagram

The cherub-faced Oakley Twins have amassed quite the following. With more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 3 million subscribers following Kyler and Mad, the Fisher Family vlog on YouTube.

In addition to social influencing, these tiny tots keep busy by engaging in traditional modeling, print work, commercials, and movies. They’ve also worked with a few brands, such as House of Emmerson, a curated online boutique targeting stylish little girls. In fact, the above shot is a sponsored post for House Of Emmerson’s line of Easter-themed pajamas. The pjs, the girls, and the look are all absolutely adorable!

Stella and Blaise

On Instagram @stellaandblaise

Source: On Instagram

So, these siblings aren’t twins, but their influence is just as powerful. Seven year-old Blaise and nine year-old Stella Bennett are just as influential as they are eye-catching. They’ve been modeling since they were three years old, and while their parents never imagined “influence” as a career for Stella and Blaise, they were contacted by scouts daily, and eventually decided to give it a try.

Best friends and business partners, these young trendsetters are turning heads in the fashion niche and being noticed by people from all over the world. They’ve worked with dozens of major brands including Zulily, Aldi, and Hershey’s.

Elisha and Renee Herbert

On Instagram @reneeherbert_ and @elisha_h


Source: On Instagram

Australian beauties Elisha and Renee Herbert seem like they are MADE for Instagram. Unlike some of the other twins on our list, these two actually have separate accounts, but frequently cross-post pictures from photo shoots they do together.

Between them, the Herbert twins boast 2.8 million Instagram followers, plus another 161k subscribers to Herbert Twins, their YouTube channel. They got their start in the modeling business when they were just 14 years old - posting to Instagram. These days, the Herbert twins are doing more than posting selfies. They are represented professionally by Elite Models and Chadwick Models and recently did a shoot for Maxim Australia.

Anais and Mirabelle Lee

On Instagram @anaismirabelle


Source: On Instagram

Two young cuties from Philly also made our list of sibling influencers. We actually got a chance to work with them in a pretty cool toy campaign, and they are amazing talents. Anais and Mirabelle Lee are models, influencers, and actresses who have amassed an Instagram following of more than 350k. Pretty impressive, considering they haven’t even reached their teens yet.

The twins have been “in the business” since they were five and have built a roster of impressive brand partners, including Saks Fifth Avenue, The Children’s Place, Simplicity, FAO Schwarz, Llum and Target.

TK and Cipriana Quann

On Instagram @tk_wonder and @ciprianaquann


Source: On Instagram

They are called the Queens of Natural Hair. Cipriana and her identical twin sister TK are the striking sisters behind some of the coolest pics on Instagram. The twins are models and co-founders of the lifestyle blog Urban Bush Babes.

With more than 400k Instagram followers between them, the Quann sisters are legit influencers, having partnered with brands like Microsoft Office 365 and Tiffany & Co,

Life with Brothers

On Instagram @lifewithbrothers


Source: On YouTube

Okay, so this one is kinda cool… because there are actually four siblings -- Mary, Lizza, Gabe and Jr.

The gang has 35k followers on Instagram where they post impromptu pics, day-in-the-life stuff. But YouTube is where they actually shine.

The official Life with Brothers YouTube account has more than 4.7 million subscribers. It’s the channel Mary and Lizzy use to make quirky videos - we’re talking slime challenges, 24 hours in the family bathroom, eating pink food only challenge… And did I mention slime? Lots and lots of slime.

But there are other channels as well. Jr. and Gabe have their own YouTube channel that has 10k subscribers.


Mary and Lizzy have a separate channe that has 422k subscribers, also under the Life with Brothers brand.


And there’s also a Life with Brothers gaming channel for which all four of kids create content. That channel has 20k+ subscribers.



You know what - it was actually pretty cool taking a look at the kinds of content these sibling creators are making for social media. Just proves there’s something for everyone on social… and room for just about every type of Creator. Did we leave someone off?

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