9 Fabulous New York-Based Lifestyle Bloggers

As a born and bred New Yorker, this post pays tribute to the city I always have and will call home. With endless entertainment and excitement (seriously, there's always something to do and some place to be), it’s the perfect home base for some awesome lifestyle bloggers. Since the city they call home is basically an adult (concrete) jungle gym, it’s no wonder the following nine bloggers are on top of their ‘lifestyle’ game.

Lifestyle Bloggers: 9 New York Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow


Egg Canvas / Erica Choi

Erica is a perfect example of the New York lifestyle. Egg Canvas is her outlet for sharing her experiences and adventures in New York and life. As the Digital Art Director of Barneys New York (fab job much?), she rarely has a dull moment and it shows in her wide-ranging posts.  


What The Chung / Jamie Chung

Jamie is an actress by day and a blogging maven by night. You might recognize her from The Real World (thank you MTV) or one of her many on-screen roles, like The Hangover films. When she’s not lighting up the big screen, she brings a unique and inspiring voice to each of her posts. Trust me, you definitely want to know What the Chung is going on.


Love Taza / Naomi Davis

Naomi is a proud mom and resident of NYC. Did I mention that she's crazy stylish too? Love Taza is where she shares bits and pieces of her family's adventures in NYC. She covers a huge variety of topics ranging from motherhood and family, to food and travel, all with a unique and creative twist.



I Am Man Chic / Jorge Gallagos

Jorge is all about living that NYC lifestyle in the most fun and fashionable way possible. He's the quintessential lifestyle blogger, touching on everything his readers might be wondering about. He keeps it super personal and playful across his social platforms, and for that, I love him.

Hello, World!


Food and New York City / Mel Rose

Food and New York City is an oasis of information from a born and raised New Yorker. She covers all things we New Yorkers value most like food, drinks, and getaways (the only thing we love more than NY is talking about our trips away from NY). Regardless of what city you call home, this is one person who should be on your follow list.


Real Guys Wear Ties / Dan Chizzoniti

With his signature action shots and full spectrum view of his day-to-day life, Dan gives you a look at the life of a modern millennial guy in NYC. Talk about a guy on the go (really though, he's like airborne in most of his pics!) From apartment style and food to fashion and travel, nothing is left uncovered here. A carefully curated lifestyle guide from a well dressed New Yorker.


The Stripe / Grace Atwood

Originally from Cape Cod, Grace now resides in NYC. Just celebrating its fifth birthday, The Stripe is her outlet for sharing all things that inspire her.This New England girl has definitely adapted to the NYC way of life. Whether it’s stylish jewelry or creative cocktails, if it strikes a chord with Grace, you’ll be sure to find it on The Stripe.


A Cup of Jo / Joanna Goddard

Joanna effortlessly brings life to the term ‘lifestyle’ blogger. From food and relationships to style and design, no subject is off limits. She has a wonderful way of tying in her personal experiences and family life that lend to posts that are always authentic and often delicious!


Thanks for checking out our favorite New York-based lifestyle bloggers! Have someone in mind that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below! :) And if you want more, we'll give you more. Check out the list of our favorite bloggers below!

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