The 10 Latinx Creators We're Sort of Obsessed with Right Now

Influencer marketing is the way forward when it comes to digital marketing techniques. You know this, we know this, and the influencers know this. The biggest hurdle for many is trying to find the right kind of influencer who really fits their brand and represents their target market.

We love doing influencer roundups here at The Shelf because it gives us an opportunity to low-key admit who we think is awesome OUTSIDE the confines of a live campaign. A lot of our influencers we find by following hashtags… sort of like sitting in or around the train station and seeing who catches your eye.

So, this month the Latin Grammy Awards are back on so we decided to focus this roundup on our favourite Latinx influencers. Buckle up and enjoy, because we've got some amazing faces for you to start following!

So, Here Are our Picks for 10 Amazing Latinx Influencers We're Pretty Obsessed With



With over 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Mariale is one of the most popular influencers on this list. Her videos are mostly in Spanish and she has TONS of followers. Her Instagram has also blown up in recent years, and she now boasts over 5 million followers there too.


Bethany Mota has been a big deal on the YouTube scene for years now. She has over 10 million subscribers, and has even appeared on Dancing with the Stars thanks to her online fame. Along with her 5 million Instagram followers, she has really found her tribe online of style-conscious Millennials who love her effervescent energy and down-to-earth advice.


Perfectly mixing her love of gaming and love of baking, Tiffany Garcia’s YouTube channel has grown to over 6.5 million subscribers. She plays through a range of different games, appealing to both male and female audiences online. And, over on her Instagram, another 1.1 million people have followed her to enjoy her colorful and fun feed.


Posting engaging makeup tutorials and product reviews in both Spanish and English, Tejeda Ruiz knows exactly how to keep her 2.2 million subscribers entertained. This lifestyle influencer has built up a dedicated following both on YouTube and Instagram. This woman has a powerful story, an immigrant, a war veteran, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

Parenting vlogger and music sensation Jorge Narvaezs posts videos to his 600k plus subscribers featuring him and his daughter singing cover songs, as well as giving parenting tips. His channel began when he was a single parent, and while he’s married now (and has extended family) he shares personal, uplifting family moments on both his channel, and his Instagram account.

Producing videos in both English and Spanish, Maiah’s channel is actually really cool. She’s does instructional videos, lifestyle vlogs, and videos that are just plain entertaining. She’s an actress and vlogger, and her 67k plus followers clearly feel the same. Her Instagram feed is also worth noting as its filled with stylish images and snapshots of Maiah going about her daily life.


With 15 million subscribers, Caeli has one of the largest followings on this list. Posting vlogs of makeup tutorials and style tips, most of her fame has come from her amazing sense of humor. Her parody videos and comedy spoofs are what have helped her to get loyal online followers. Plus, she has curated a gorgeous Instagram feed, filled with selfies and fashion shots has gained her another 7.8 million followers to boot.


Yuya is another big name beauty vlogger, with her YouTube account attracting over 23 million subscribers. to her channel and garnering more than 2.3 billion views. She vlogs in Spanish and shares her amazing makeup and beauty tips with all her followers. Add to this her 13.5 million Instagram followers, and you’ve got one powerful influencer right here.


You may have seen her presentation during Instagram’s official launch of IGTV in 2018. Lele Pons is an entertainer who hails from Venezuela. She’s funny and creative, and her no-holds-barred style of storytelling has helped her add 13.6 million+ YouTube subscribers who have wracked up ore than 2.4 billion video views. Lele was named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time. Her Instagram account is even bigger, with over 33 million followers.


Salice is a comedy vlogger who posts new videos every week to YouTube for her 1.7 millions subscribers. Even though she now focuses more on her Instagram account, which has 9.6 million followers, her YouTube still attracts a large audience.

Who are your favorite Latinx influencers? Did we miss them off this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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