15 Realistically Horrifying Makeup Looks

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Any excuse to dress up and make myself look as terrifying as possible is alright in my books. Every year, I spend hours on the internet looking for inspiration for how I’m going to freak people out with my makeup, and every year I am bowled over by the amazing talent of the work I find.

This year, I thought I’d share some of my discoveries with you, so you can make people jump when you come around the corner as well! So, sit down, and prepare yourself for some truly terrifying makeup looks for Halloween.




The absolute Queen of Halloween makeup, Karolina shows us all how it’s done each and every year. Throughout the year, she shows us how to create beautiful faces that slay, but come October, she uses those excellent makeup skills to shock, awe, and terrify. I cannot wait to see what horrors she comes up with this year!

Get the looks yourself - Karolina Maria YouTube




She may only have a small following, but her skills are massive! A true magician with makeup, she has looks that can scare as well as amaze, it’s all up to you which one you prefer. Definitely one to watch out for as her following increases.




If you’re looking for original and jaw-dropping makeup looks for this Halloween season, then this girl is the one for you. Her looks are insanely creative, realistic, and bloody, and all come with accompanying tutorials over on her YouTube channel.




Speaking of makeup vloggers who switch seamlessly from everyday beauty to full on reptilian makeup… Danielle Mara already has a cult following on her social media. She expertly delivers the surreal, blurring the line between reality and sci-fi fantasy through the magic of makeup (doesn’t it have to be magic to pull some of these looks off?). Hats off, Danielle Mara. Brava.

Get the looks yourself - Danimara Makeup YouTube




This girl’s feed is filled with pure makeup magic! Her skills have even been recognised by makeup giants Nyx as she made it to the top 5 of the Nyx Face Awards for her skills with cosmetics. Picking just three of her spooky Halloween looks was hard to do, but here are our top choices!

Get the looks yourself - Illumin_arty YouTube

What kind of Halloween costume are you planning this year? Make sure to let us know if you try and recreate one of these looks in the comments below!