Luxury Influencers

While the luxury market may not seem like the first place to find influencer marketing campaigns, the sector is slowly coming around to the fact that influencers are the way forward for any brand out there. For some of the world’s top luxury brands (think Cartier level luxury) this is even becoming a big part of their core strategy.

By using social media, luxury brands like these are able to come across much more accessible than usual. For many of us, wandering into a high end luxury store can seem incredibly daunting. Following them on Instagram and browsing through their pictures, however, is much easier. Brands that also use influencers to further their social media presence are helping more people feel able to indulge in their products, without losing too much of their luxury level mystique.

Now that high-end brands are spending more time and money in this area, luxury influencers have begun to grow in popularity even more. So, in traditional The Shelf fashion, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites in the niche to show off to you lovely people.

Julia Lang


Stylish, artistic, and chic - these are just a few words that we would use to describe Julia Lang’s Instagram feed. A mixture of fashion and lifestyle content, this influencer is always surprising us with her creative content.



A lifestyle model and double degree holder in biology and art history, Nati is showing us all just what it means to be the woman who has it all. Even though she has a small following, her fans love seeing her content and engaging with such a strong female on Instagram.



A lifestyle blogger who shares snapshots into her fashion and beauty expertise, as well as her global travel exploits. Based in LA, but featuring content from around the world, this is one influencer to keep watching as she grows her empire.



With a feed pumped full of feminine, dreamy aesthetic, Tina Lee has truly built up a brand style all of her own. She focuses her feed on luxury fashion, with a dash of travel thrown in, and every image is styled to perfection. Right now, she’s living it up in NYC, which provides the perfect backdrop to her artistic images.



Kayley Harriet is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from London who spends her days working in the world of luxury real estate. She has the perfect account for when you want to peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, as the properties she shows are simply stunning!



With a muted palette and effortless chic, this stylish fashion influencers feed is a thing of beauty. A champion of classic luxury fashion, she manages to look amazing whatever she wears.

Patrick Van Negri


An influencer and GQ insider located in Miami, Patrick is style personified and every post on his feed reminds you of this. He’s already worked with a number of top-level brands like Hugo Boss, so has been able to make a name for himself in the luxury niche.



Splitting her time between London and Paris, this stylish influencer fills her feed with amazing images filled with her unique sense of fashion, and dreamy shots of her and her man. And, receiving an average of 30k likes per post, she’s a sure fire bet for brand collaborations too.



Going a bit further afield now, Lily is a fashion and lifestyle influencer living in Tokyo. Her feed has a style all of its own, making her posts instantly recognisable in your feed. Already partnering up with top brands like the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, she’s making waves in the luxury niche already.



The final influencer on our list has really nailed down her personal brand on Instagram. Working with a number of high-end brands like Puma and Armani, she has cracked the secret code to influencer success. She’s even been nominated for awards because of her success!

You might have noticed that our influencers differ in size in terms of their following. Even though you may initially associate luxury brands with high level celebrities, more and more brands are instead turning to mid-size influencers to help give their brands more authenticity and relatability online. According to a survey conducted into the use of influencers by luxury brands, 40% of respondents said that they would prefer to work with mid-tier influencers over larger ones.

This is largely due to the fact that influencers of this size tend to build and nurture more engaged audiences than those who have over a million followers, whose audiences become more saturated. The luxury influencer space is growing day by day, and like many other niches before it, it is slowly becoming the norm.

These are just a small number of influencers in the luxury brand space, there are so many more out there! Did we miss off your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.