12 Luxury Influencers We're Sorta Smitten With

In the Lap of Luxury: Let Us Introduce You to 12 Luxury Influencers We’re Sorta Smitten with Right Now

It’s been a long time coming, but luxury brands are FINALLY starting to partner with influencers. Luxury influencers are growing in popularity. We had the pleasure of working with some AMAZING luxe influencers when we rolled out the #RealIsRare campaign for the Diamond Producers Association. So, in traditional Shelf fashion, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite luxury influencers.

Julia Lang

Julia Lang - Luxury Influencers

Words to describe Julia Lang’s Instagram feed… stylish, artistic, and chic. She posts a mixture of fashion and lifestyle content, and she is ALWAYS surprising us with her amazing creativity and Euro-inspired style.


Nati @graduatechic - Luxury Influencers

Nati is a model and double degree holder in biology and art history. With an Insta feed overflowing with great pics, life-affirming quotes, and that gorgeous smile. Nati is proof positive that a luxe influencer springs from your attitude, not your accessories. To date, Nati’s audience tops 24k and her followers respond favorably to seeing Nati’s heartfelt posts promoting inner and outer beauty



Caitlyn Chase - Luxury Influencers

Caitlyn Chase is an LA-based lifestyle and fashion blogger. Much of the content she posts to Instagram captures a sort of sophisticated stillness… and doubles as a great catalog of her travel exploits. She features content from around the world, including tons of great outfits, makeup hacks, and beauty secrets.


Tina Lee - Luxury Influencers

Dripping with feminine charm, Tina Lee’s Instagram feed is nothing short of dreamy, like the still shots your mind takes when you’re having the most amazing dream, but you can’t quite remember it all when you reluctantly awaken. The New York-based luxury travel and fashion blogger IS a wonderfully hand-crafted luxury brand, whose account is a fine mix of grace, classic beauty, awe-inspiring locations, and breathtaking moments.


Kayley - Luxury Influencers

Kayley Harriet is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from London who spends her days working in the world of luxury real estate. She has the perfect account for when you want to peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, as the properties she shows are simply stunning! And so is she.


Alyssa Lenore - Luxury Influencers

Alyssa Lenore is a New York-based blogger and the creator of the blog Styled & Smitten. Originally from Manila, Philippines she moved to New York as a child and has called it home ever since. Alyssa has a degree in Interior Design, and her Instagram feed is curated with a soothing neutral palette of whites, grays, black, nude, and a bit of cinnamon sprinkled in to create a stunning visual storybook. It looks effortless chic. This stylish luxury influencer’s feed is a thing of beauty. A champion of classic luxury fashion, she manages to look amazing in whatever she wears.

Patrick Van Negri - Luxury Influencers

An influencer and GQ insider located in Miami, Patrick Van Negri is style personified. Every smoldering post in his feed reminds you of just that. Patrick has already worked with a number of top-level brands like Hugo Boss (@BOSS) and The Macallan Masters Series (@usmacallan), so is making a name for himself in the luxury niche.


Natasha Martin @violettinder.jpg Luxury Influencers

Natasha Martin (@violettinder) is a West Coast product photographer and the brains behind Violet Tinder Photography. Her brightly-colored IG feed is brimming with cool shots of hot products. “Uhh… so why is she in a luxe influencer roundup?” Other than her regular dopeness, Natasha comes up with creative ways to present products at all price points. She was actually one of the influencers we worked with on the #RealIsRare campaign for the Diamond Producer’s Association.

Source:  Instagram  from the #RealIsRare campaign.

Source: Instagram from the #RealIsRare campaign.

Ketevan Giorgadze - Luxury Influencers

Splitting her time between London and Paris, Ketevan Giorgadze fills her feed with amazing shots of her her unique sense of style, gorgeous images of Paris, and some pretty cool moments shared with her partner, Lev Gasov (@leviatone). She generates an average of 30k likes per post - amazing. Ketevan is no doubt living out some of the things burning a hole into our wish lists right now.


Lily @purplepinkp - Luxury Influencers

Lily is a fashion and lifestyle influencer living in Tokyo. Her pink and purple theme (very Xanadu-esque) offer some pretty cool pics curated in such a way that her feed is almost instantly recognizable. Lily has partnered with top brands like the Ritz Carlton Tokyo in the past, lending her fantastic style, gorgeous face (those eyes!), and eye for dreamy images to some of the biggest luxury brands in the world.


Bridget - Luxury Influencers

Bridget has really solidified a pretty cohesive personal brand on Instagram. She works with several high-end brands including Puma and Armani, and she has cracked the secret code to influencer success, even being nominated for awards for her social media savvy.


Source: On Instagram  @kiitana

Source: On Instagram @kiitana

Kiitan A. is a lifestyle and fashion blogger from Atlanta who chronicles here international travels on Insta… and she always travels with mad style. Her feed is full of warm tones, sunny outdoor shots, and all-natural global themes. Catch her in London, L.A., Morocco, Lagos… her pics are always stunning. Her Instagram account is an engaging photo diary. Kiitan is also one of the bloggers we worked with on the #RealIsRare campaign.


You might have noticed that our influencers differ in size in terms of their following. Even though you may initially associate luxury brands with high level celebrities, more and more brands are instead turning to mid-size influencers to help give their brands more authenticity and relatability online. According to a survey conducted into the use of influencers by luxury brands, 40% of respondents said that they would prefer to work with mid-tier influencers over larger ones.

This is largely due to the fact that influencers of this size tend to build and nurture more engaged audiences than those who have over a million followers, whose audiences become more saturated. The luxury influencer space is growing day by day, and like many other niches before it, it is slowly becoming the norm.

These are just a small number of influencers in the luxury brand space, there are so many more out there! Did we miss off your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.