The Newbie's Package
Influencer Marketing
for Beginners

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Influencers influence your customers.
Tapping into their networks helps you reach a killer ROI.

It works because it’s authentic.

But, it's kind of like the Wild West of marketing
because it's run by millions of influencers, not an advertising platform.

That's Where We Come In

We take the guesswork out of influencer marketing
and help you run campaigns smoothly from start to finish.


We help you define your strategy and structure campaigns based on your goals.


Our search engine gives you access to thousands of relevant influencers within minutes!


Using our ROI-prediction reports, you get the best bang for your buck AND save money!


We handle all of the logistics. Legal forms. Contracts. 1099s. Payments. Tracking codes. Reminders...


We'll be your guide to kickass campaigns. We'll help you get the results you want AND more!

We have the largest pool of lifestyle influencers.

Fashion  /  Beauty  /  Mommy  /  Food  /  Travel  /  Home  /  DIY  /  Health & Fitness

Our technology is built to get you
the biggest bang for your buck!

Say goodbye to vanity metrics.

A beginner's mistake is falling into the fake-follower trap. Many influencers do succumb to buying followers. We help you avoid them.

ROI prediction will guide your selection process.

ROI prediction reports help you select the right influencers based on their audience. We analyze past post ROI based on subject matter.

Data-driven insights will bring sales to your door.

It's all about who you work with. We help you perform deep cost/benefit analysis so that you wind up working with influencers that deliver results.

Our feature set streamlines all the
annoying and tedious tasks.

And most importantly,
you’ll have a team of friendly experts
to transform YOU into the expert.